Pollution related to Portable Fuel Containers

There are currently over 90 million portable fuel containers (PFC) in North America alone, with 22 million new containers sold each year in that market segment. The pollution related to PFCs is substantial:

  • There are 46 gallons of fuel spilled every minute
  • Spillage and vapour pollution is comparable to the cargo of 1 fuel tanker released into the environment every hour
  • Reactive Organic Gases (ROG) pollution is equivalent to having 10 million cars on the road every day

The aforementioned figures are estimates from FTT derived from:

  • Estimating Emissions Associated with Portable Fuel Containers (PFCs)
  • EPA420-R-07-001 – February 2007; Assessment and Standards Division
  • Office of Transportation and Air Quality; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency