FTT’s Solid Foundation

The technologies

Years of dedicated research, development and engineering design have resulted in the creation of Intelligent technologies that allow for a clean and safer transfer of gasoline and other liquid fuels and chemicals. These technologies were incorporated into a revolutionary CSA-approved product, which, for the first time in the history of the portable fuel transfer industry, perfect both active automatic shut-off and active vapour recovery mechanisms incorporated in a PFC and a PRS. This product virtually eliminates accidental spills and greatly reduces dangerous gas fumes and emissions. Although FTT is currently focused on creating solutions for the highly regulated portable fuel industry, as this sector is a tremendous source of environmental pollution, it is the Company’s intention to extend its innovative liquid transfer technologies to other liquid transfer industries in the future.

The intellectual property portfolio

FTT has been very diligent in filing numerous patent applications throughout the world in the primary free market economies to protect its technologies and their potential applications for a wider range of liquid transfer products. Thirty nine of the 79 patent applications filed by the Company to date are now issued in a number of countries. Having its genesis in the filing of a first provisional patent application in 2004, FTT’s intellectual property portfolio is the basis of a long-term growth strategy to ensure the future product development horizon is continually expanding.

The team

Recognizing that long-term financial success in any Research and Development company is based on the ability to innovate and develop practical and desired products predictably, FTT has made it an objective to identify and attract the best and brightest creative minds in all aspects of the Company. FTT’s team of professionals includes accomplished engineers, technicians, designers, industry experts, as well as marketing and sales experts. This pursuit for excellence has created high-tech jobs and attracted exceptional outside expertise to FTT, which has only enhanced the Company’s ability to attract other high quality experts to join the FTT team.

The corporate culture

Aiming to hire the best and brightest experts in the field, FTT places great importance in establishing a breeding ground for innovation and practical solutions where its professionals can develop their skills. To ensure success, FTT has adopted a comprehensive strategic innovation culture that is based on promoting and encouraging active participation by its professional resources and, in parallel, soliciting input from customers, businesses, and industry stakeholders. Guided by disciplined management, this inclusive and collaborative approach is employed to stimulate creative thinking and develop innovative solutions and is all the more significant as the Company has an established foundation to act on new opportunities.