Advanced Technologies

Cutting-edge technologies

Guided by consumer demand and designed to meet or exceed the new environmental and safety standards established by industry regulators, dedicated research, product design and testing by FTT has resulted in the creation of a number of cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art ergonomic product designs, and consumer friendly product features. The integration of these technologies, designs and features into its products has enabled FTT to make valuable improvements to the way people transfer fuel, offering consumers a much more convenient option for portable refueling, ultimately leading to a significant reduction in pollution generated by traditional Portable Fuel Containers (PFCs) and Portable Refueling Systems (PRSs).

Intelligent Technologies More..

At the centre of FTT’s engineering efforts, present and future, is the development of Intelligent Technologies™ that achieve specific functions independent of any action by the user, virtually eliminating the margin of error that typically exists during the refueling or other liquid transfer processes.

FTT defines Intelligent Technologies as technologies that are able to detect certain parameters and conditions and change their state or action accordingly. In this sense, Intelligent Technology incorporated in a product or device refers to a product or device that “knows” what action is required at a given time, in a given situation, and automatically takes appropriate action on its own, without any manual intervention or action required on the part of the user.

SmartSensing Technology More..

FTT’s most significant engineering achievement to date is the development and implementation of the Company’s SmartSensing™ Technology. This Intelligent Technology is characterized by its unique integration of a Dual Action Pump and Auto Shut-Off Nozzle and their synergistic response that essentially redefines the refueling process.

FTT’s SmartSensing Technology works independently of the user by sensing when the destination tank is full and automatically stopping the flow of gasoline, effectively eliminating spills and preventing overfills during refueling, an environmental issue that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been urging industry leaders to achieve for many years. In addition, FTT’s SmartSensing Technology allows for the recovery of harmful vapours escaping the destination tank during the refueling process, essentially reducing the amount of vapours being released in the environment.

Ergonomic designs & consumer friendly product features More..

In addition to incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its refueling products to address environmental issues, FTT goes to great lengths to ensure its designs incorporate ergonomic and intuitive consumer friendly features to substantially improve the user’s refueling experience. Providing solutions to eliminate heavy lifting, facilitate easy storage, prevent accidents and make the portable refueling process easy, the combination of innovative technologies and features offered by FTT’s product designs ensures the refueling experience is easy, clean and safer.

Patent Portfolio More..

As the Company’s engineering team develops innovative technologies, FTT concurrently and diligently files patent applications to protect the intellectual property of its designs, technologies and products. The current patent application portfolio of FTT had its genesis in the filing of a first provisional patent application in 2004. To date, 79 patent applications and/or provisional patent applications and/or design applications have been filed strategically by FTT throughout the world in the primary market economies. Thirty nine of these patent applications are now issued in a number of countries.