Core Standards

FTT Management is committed to ensuring the best business practices are applied while growing the Company to its full potential. With high standards at its core, FTT exercises considerable diligence in its operations to ensure that team members, shareholders, collaborators, suppliers, and customers are treated with honesty, fairness and respect, and that the highest quality products and services are delivered at all times. FTT believes that having these high standards and values are the key to a successful and sustainable journey.

An Innovative Corporate Culture More..

Consistently improving upon its innovative corporate culture is part-and-parcel to the genesis of the Company’s vision. FTT has been successful in bringing creative minds into its fold and will continue to welcome, encourage, and reward innovative thinking in all areas of its business. It is this innovative thinking that has led to many of the Company’s accomplishments to date, and by continuing to foster innovative thinking, FTT intends to remain a step ahead on the innovation front and become an industry leader.

Commitment to Product Quality and Performance More..

For FTT, meeting the needs and expectations of the customer is of the upmost importance and the Company takes every measure to ensure its fuel transfer products offer the best quality and performance. Built from innovative design to provide customers with better options, FTT products are manufactured by experienced ISO 9001 certified contract manufacturers and inspected by Quality Assurance personnel at multiple points throughout the receiving, manufacturing, assembling, shipping and packaging processes. The Company is committed to meeting customer expectations for product performance and is dedicated to high standards of quality prior to product being shipped to customers. FTT products are designed and manufactured to be durable, safe, and to work as advertized.

Safety and Environmental Leadership More..

With industry, safety and environmental experts as contributing consultants, FTT is well positioned to work with regulatory agencies with the intent of meeting and even exceeding National and International rules and regulations related to the portable fuel transfer industry. This in-house expertise ensures greater safety and environmental considerations are employed on technologies that serve the customer and positively impact the environment. FTT works closely with safety and environmental control agencies and independent testing laboratories and standards organizations to identify and improve these requirements and standards.

Societal Contribution More..

Striving to make a positive difference and lasting contribution to society, FTT has and will continue to develop products that enhance the lives of consumers and commercial end-users, design products with the highest quality and performance, and market its products by educating and informing customers with facts to assist them in making sound purchase decisions. Furthermore, FTT will continue to lead and advocate for regulatory improvements to ensure the industry evolves consistent with technological advancements that benefit safety, the environment, and society.