Collaborative Approach

At FTT, collaboration has been instrumental in both meeting challenges and creating substantial growth potential. For the Company, the key to overcoming hurdles and capitalizing on opportunities often rests on knowing where to turn for input and analysis. As opportunity and talent present themselves, FTT reaches out and promotes active participation from technical experts and professionals, governmental agencies, certification standards groups, marketing and sales professionals, patent experts, and specialized contract manufacturers. Herein lies the strength and resilience of FTT.

Technical Experts More..

Innovative research and development activities at FTT require creative technical and industry expertise. Locating and developing these skills are paramount to the Company’s short and long-term goals and FTT recognizes and places a high priority in recruiting and sourcing individuals with these advanced core competencies. FTT Management constantly pursues technical and industry knowledgeable resources required to meet its innovation objectives. To date, the Company has attracted highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals from many Canadian provinces and the US. Looking forward, new markets will surely create new opportunities for the recruitment of additional experts and FTT is committed to continue this recruitment practice when talented experts are identified.

Marketing & Sales Professionals More..

Considerable research and analysis by FTT’s marketing and sales professionals ensure that new and innovative technologies developed by the Company are well presented and clearly understood by target customers. The collaboration with these professionals contributes greatly to the innovation process, helps determine market feasibility, and reduces the time necessary to maximize market share penetration. In addition, their inherent ability to effectively communicate FTT information and goals helps ensure that supporters understand the Company’s vision.

Patent Experts More..

As a company highly focused on innovation, building a strong patent portfolio and protecting its intellectual property is of the upmost importance to FTT. Given its in-house expertise, FTT is involved at every stage of the patent process. With their extensive experience in patent development and filings, FTT co-founders James Wedderburn and Mark Bonner work closely with the Company’s patent consultants and primary patent law firm, Norton Rose, to ensure FTT’s patent portfolio protects, as best as possible, the intellectual property of its innovative designs, technologies and products. The patent process at FTT requires tremendous resources and is considered critical to ensuring the Company retains a competitive edge in its industry.

Contract Manufacturers More..

To minimize manufacturing risk and to commit more time and resources to the research and development of innovative technologies, FTT employs a contract-manufacturing model. This model empowers FTT to design and develop technologies and products consistent with its research and development capabilities, and to partner with contract manufacturers while maintaining control and ownership of its production tools, overall manufacturing processes, and intellectual property.